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10 AJAX Loading Icon Generators

AJAX Loading icons are used for informing the users that the site is still processing the request or information is still to be loaded on the page. AJAX Loaders are also named as loading icons, loading GIF etc. AJAX loaders are commonly used on AJAX based sites and application for informing the users that the site is still processing your request or the site is fetching some data. The problem is that the AJAX loaders are not easy to create unless you have the skills to do so, but don't worry there are hundreds of tools and websites which generates AJAX loaders with a few click. Today in this post we've collected 10 AJAX Loader tools for you to create your own AJAX loader. To create your own AJAX loader simply
Step 1- Select your loader type
Step 2- Choose your animation speed
Step 3- Choose your color
Step 4- Choose your background
Step 5- Hit the Generate button

CSS Load

Canvas Loader Creator


Loading Icon

Pre Loaders


Loading GIF


Load Info

Web Script Lab

Enjoy :)

10 Free High Quality Flat UI Icon Sets

The hottest style right now is Flat UI. Flat UI is an evolutionary step in design. Every one is using this design, whatever its Windows or Cell phones. All the Big Brands are going Flat. Everyone’s talking about it and everyone is doing it. If you aren't using flat design so, let's jump together into this new trend.
Here's some hand picked list of flat designs. I hope you will like it :-)

1- 40 Social Media Flat Icons

2- Flat Social Icons

3- Flat Social Media Icons By Designmodo

4- Flatilicious - 48 Free Flat Icons

5- Free Colorful Icons

6- Flat Social Icons EPS

7- Free Flat Social Media Icon Set

8- Free program Icons

9- FREE PSD - Flat Icons

10- Free Web Icons

From Editors Desk

Whether Flat UI will stick or another design will be coming in next years remains to be seen.
What do you think? Let us know in the comments.