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5 Easy/Top Ways To Make Money Online

Ever since the internet was made accessible to the public, people started to make use of this invention in their own ways And one of them is earning money online. Today there are countless millionaires who turned their ideas into money by using the power of web to promote their business. There are also frauds that would give you nothing out of your weeks or months. Many hard working peoples have stumbled their ideas into money and are living exclusively online. There are hundreds of ways to make money online.But, In this article i would focus on top 5 ways to earn money online.

1. Blogging / Ad Networks

If you already have a blog then You can make money with Google Ad program Google Adsense. Google Adsense pay big money for displaying their ads on your site, and you will receive payment every time when a reader clicks one of these ads. So this is an easy way to make money online.
There are many successful bloggers on the internet. One of the most successful blogger around today is John Chow who makes more than $35,000 a month through his ad sales and his blog is about Methods to Earn Online.

2. Article Writing

The most easy way to make money online is article writing. Your writing abilities and English grammar need to be good if you want to become content writer. If your English is not good so there are many sites from which you can learn English online. You can find clients from Facebook and from other Websites/Blogs.You can also join Freelancer or Odesk to get started.

3. Designing T-Shirts

You can also make money by designing T-Shirts. You can design funky T-Shirts with your own range and then upload your design to sites like Cafepress. Cafepress allow users to upload their T-Shirt designs and sell them on their online store.You can also contact sites like to release your T-Shirt designs. 

4. Write an e Book

One of the easy and best way to make money is to write and e Book. Make money by selling e Book online and you don't even have to run your own site in order to promote your book. Amazon, Noble and Kobo are just a few sites on which you could self-publish today.

5. Selling on eBay

You can also make money on eBay. eBay is a great way to turn your unwanted things into money. By buying wholesale you can sell anything with a mark up or If you have skills to make things that people want to buy so you could start your own home-based craft business, and you can sell them to customers around the world.

What Is AdSense Premium Publisher Account?

Google AdSense provides the Premium AdSense Publisher Account with great benefits to good publishers.
In this tutorial we will look into the details of AdSense Premium Publisher Account.You can become AdSense Premium Publisher by attaining either of the following:
  • 20 million content page views/month
  • 5 million search queries/month
Lets look into the details of the benefits enjoyed by the AdSense Premium Publishers.

Adsense Ads In Adults And Casino Related Pages

Premium Adsense Publishers are given yet another freedom to put Ads by Google on casino related and adult pages. This liberty is not given to Normal Adsense Publishers as Google strictly bans putting Adsense ads on such pages.

Ads By Google Label

Another liberty which is provided to Adsense Premium Publishers is that they have option to remove the "ads by google" label from their adsense ads.They can edit and write anything in the place of label.

Direct Linking To Adsense For Search Results

According to the rules and policies of the AdSense, it forbids direct links to 'Adsense for search results' , however Premium Adsense Publishers are not granted such limitations. They are free to provide direct link to adsense for search results containing just adsense ads with zero content on the page. This is a great push for the Adsense Premium Publishers.

Customized Ad Format

One of the benefit given to the Adsense Premium Publishers is that they can customize their Adsense ads according to their own.They can change the color,size,the text color and much more.

Negotiated Revenue Terms

Adsense Premium Publishers get negotiated ads prices to showcase them on their website. Both Adsense and publisher negotiate on prices and sign a contract for a specified term of time to work together .