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What Is RSS?How It is Useful For Bloggers and Readers

By Zohaib Liaqat - 27 Comments
RSS is very popular among bloggers and readers.RSS stands for Realy Simple Syndication.It is used for distribution of content to wide niche audiences.Its origin can be traced back to 1999 but it struck the limelight after Microsoft and Opera decided to adopt the Rss Feed icon in their browsers.RSS files are essentially XML formatted plain text.

How RSS is Useful For Readers?

Everyday a regular Internet surfer reads many new blogs and articles.If you really find some interesting blogs either you can bookmark them or Subscribe to RSS feeds to stay in touch with the latest updates of the blog.

Why RSS Subscription is Better than Bookmarking?

RSS is relatively convenient than bookmarking because the latest posts (or excerpt) can be delivered directly into your email inbox.You don’t have to visit over and again to check for new posts.
If you haven’t subscribed to RSS you have to manage a large bookmarking list of favourite websites and keep on visiting them to check for new updates.This is not appropriate as

  • You have to check a lot of websites each day
  • You may get frustrated if the blogs are not updated frequently as you will find same posts each day
  • You may miss some crucial updates if you don’t check the blogs regularly.

How RSS is Useful For Blogger?

RSS is also helpful to bloggers as their content get syndicated to wide and loyal audience who have subscribed to blog.Bloggers can also send exclusive updates to their email subscribers without posting the content on their blogs.
As the the bloggers have Email list of Niche audiences they can promote products which are relevant to its audiences and generate some cash.

You shouldn’t subscribe to each and every blog that you visit as it will fill your email with hundreds of daily updates.

27 comments to ''What Is RSS?How It is Useful For Bloggers and Readers"

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