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How to Backup your Blogger Template

By Zohaib Liaqat - 3 Comments
Are you planning to modify your blogger template? But make sure that you have a Backup of your blogger template. Because sometimes while editing your blogger template something unexpected happens and it effects your blog's appearance. Then, if you have a backup of your blogger template then you can easily restore your blog back to its previous condition.So, today we are going to share an article on How to Backup your Blogger Template.
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How to Restore your Blogger Template from Backup

How to Backup your Blogger Template

Step 1. Log in to your Blogger Dashboard
Step 2. Select a Blog and Select Template option from the menu in Left Side
Step 3. And hit the Backup / Restore button which is in the top right corner of that page
Step 4. A popup will open and Click on the Download full Template button from that popup
Step 5. Save the Template.
Now you have a backup of your blogger template and if anything goes wrong with your live template (template that is on your blog) you can restore it easily that we are going to discuss about it in our next post.

From Editors Desk

Always create a Backup of your Blogger template. Because while making changes to your Blogger template if anything goes wrong. Then you can easily Restore your Blog only if you have a Backup.

3 comments to ''How to Backup your Blogger Template"

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