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Basics for Newbie Bloggers - Part I

By Zohaib Liaqat - 3 Comments
Today we are going to share a complete series of Basics for Newbie Bloggers that we've published on this blog. This series will help you to find easily that you are looking for and you don't have tp search for articles one by one because this series includes all the important information required for starting a new blog. This series is divided in 6 stages >> Reasons and Basics >> Learning Stage >> SEO Tips >> Icons and Images >> Widgets >> Blog Design

Reasons and Basics

1- Why you Should choose Blogger
2- 10 Tips for Beginner Bloggers to successfully start a Blog
3- Possible Reasons that will cause your blog to be Deleted
4- Reasons your Blog won't get approved by BuySellAds  
5- 10 Tips for Beginner Bloggers
6- A few tips for Bloggers
7- What is RSS?

Learning Stage

1- How to Backup your Blogger Template
2- How to Restore your Blogger Template from Backup
3- How to Backup your Blogger Blog Posts
4- How to Recover your Blogger Blog from Backup
5- Change your Blogger Profile to a Google Plus Profile
6- How to Create static pages in Blogger
7- How to Upload or Install Custom Template on Blogger
8- How to Add Multiple Authors to Blogger Blog
9- How to Correctly Add images to Blogger Posts
10- How to Permanently Delete your Blogger Blog

SEO Tips

1- Optimize your blog in Search Engines using Ping
2- 5 Tips for Powerful Search Engine Optimization

Icons and Images

1- 10 Free High Quality Flat UI Icon sets
2- Top 10 Websites to Find Free images for your Blog


Check our Widgets Inventory

Blog Design

1- How to Create a Magazine Style with Post Summaries and Thumbnails in Blogger
2- How to create a Sitemap/Table of Contents in Blogger
3- Add Round Hover Effect to Images of your Blogger Blog Posts 
4- Customize the Scroll Bar with JScrollPane in Blogger
5- How to Change Your Blogger Posts List to Grid View
6- Add Hover Effect to Images of your Blogger Blog Posts
7- Let Your Visitors to Change Your Blog's Background Color
8- 5 Websites for Adding Social Sharing Buttons to your Blog
9- How To Show Post Title Only On Homepage In Blogger Blog

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