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How to Change Post URL/Permalink in Blogger

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When you create and publish a new post, its permalink is automatically generated by blogger. Lets take an example, if the name of your post is "How to Use font awesome icons in blogger" then the link that blogger automatically generates will be "". But the problem is that the link doesn't contains all the important keywords which are necessary for SEO. For the best SEO of your blog posts it is necessary that the link contain all the important keywords. So the solution of this problem is to change the permalink of the post manually. Let's see How to Change Post URL/Permalink in of your blog posts in blogger.

How to Change Post URL/Permalink in Blogger

Log in to your Blogger Dashboard. In the post editor under the Post Setting section you'll see Permalink option.
Click on that link and select Custom permalink, a box will open. Now write your custom URL/permalink in the box and hit on Done button.
Note: Write each word separated with Dash - symbol and the characters allowed in custom URL are limited to : a-z, A-Z, 0-1. The only special characters available are Dash and Period.
The underlined area is Customizable.

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