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How to Change Blogger Dashboard Language

By Zohaib Liaqat - 2 Comments
Blogger Dashboards come up with their default language which is English. Blogger provides up to 100 languages and you can switch your dashboard to any language likes Spanish, Filipino, Arabic, Hindi etc. Suppose you have accidentally switched to a foreign language and you don't recognize the characters? So, what to do now??? Don't worry because today we are going to share with you that How to Change Blogger Dashboard Language.

Change Blogger Dashboard Language Method I

Log in to your Blogger Dashboard. Go to and select your language from the Drop Down list and Hit the Save Setting Button.

Change Blogger Dashboard Language Method II

Log in to your Blogger Dashboard and Just above your Blogs List you will see your Default Language English (United Kingdom). All you have to do is to Press the language button a Drop Down menu will open select your language and Done !
Congratulations: You have successfully changed your Blogger Default Dashboard Language and we hope that this tutorial helped you to Change your Blogger Dashboard Language.

2 comments to ''How to Change Blogger Dashboard Language"

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