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How to Create a Blogger Blog - Beginner's Series

By Zohaib Liaqat - 1 Comment
Blogger is an online service owned by Google. It was developed by Pyra Labs which was bought by Google in 2003. Generally the blogs hosted on blogger are with a domain Now a days, blogger is the only platform with 400 million active users. Blogger is the best platform for creating and publishing a blog for free. Creating a blog on blogger takes only 5 minutes and then you can start publishing, but if you want to customize it in your own way then you've learn its basics. If you're a newbie and want to be a Professional blogger, then first of all learn its basics. Today we're going to publish a series having all the important tutorials that are important for you to start a successful blog. We've Divided this series in three different parts.i.e.
How to Create a Blogger Blog

Series 1 - Part 1 (Create a Blog)

Article 1. How to Create a Blogger Blog
Article 2. Posting to Your Blog
Article 3. How to Correctly Add images to Blogger Posts 
Article 4. How To Upload OR Install Custom Template On Blogger
Article 5. How to Create Static Pages in Blogger
Article 6. How to Add a Custom Favicon in Blogger

Series 1 - Part 2 (Basics)

Article 1. How to Backup your Blogger Template
Article 2. How to Restore your Blogger Template from Backup 
Article 3. How to Backup your Blogger Blog Posts
Article 4. How to Recover your Blogger Blog from Backup
Article 5. How to Add Multiple Authors to Blogger Blog

Series 1 - Part 3 (SEO)

Article 1. Optimize your blog in Search Engines using Ping
Article 2. 5 Tips for Powerful Search Engine Optimization
Article 3. Show Post Title Before Blog Title in Search Results
Article 4. How to Submit your Blogger Blog to Google Webmaster Tools
Article 5. How to Submit your Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools
Article 6. How to Submit your Blog/Website/URL to Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Series 2 - Part 1 (Make your Blog Awesome) (Widgets)

Check our Widgets Inventory to Add Awesome Widgets to your Blog

Series 2 - Part 2 (Blog Design)

Click Here to go to Blog Design Page and design your Blog the way you like.

Series 3 - Part 1 (Mashup)

Article 5. What is RSS?

Series 3 - Part 2 (Important)

Series 3 - Part 3 (Online Tools)

Tool 1. Color Code Generator
Tool 2. Color Code Generator 2
Tool 3. Count Characters
Tool 4. HTML Editor
Tool 5. HTML Code Encoder

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