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Best AdSense Ad Spots to Maximize your Earnings

By Zohaib Liaqat - 17 Comments
Its been a long time we haven't written any post on making money online and maximizing your earning. So, today we'll discuss about the best Adsense ad spots for maximizing your earning potential. The idea of writing this post came to my mind yesterday, when I was placing some new ad slots to my blog. After studying all the factors and Adsense ad spots, I'm going to share an article about where you should place Adsense ads in your blog. Ad positioning has a very significant impact upon the money that you earn. If your Adsense earnings is less then it might be because that you're not displaying the ads on their best spots. So, its important to know about the best adsense ad spots for placing ads. In this article, we'll discuss the Best AdSense Ad Spots to Maximize your Earnings.
Best AdSense Ad Spots to Maximize your Earnings

Behind Header (468 By 60)

Placing AdSense 468 By 60 ad banner behind your header gets more attention as compared to others because anyone visiting your site will obviously look for your header and as the ad is displayed just behind your header, the visitor will also pay attention to that ad. In this way displaying ads behind your header will receive more clicks and more clicks means more $$$.
Best AdSense Ads Spots to Maximize your Earnings

Under the Header (726 By 90 and 970 By 90)

Just like displaying 468 by 60 ad behind the header, placing ads under the header is also one of the most popular ad slots. If you display a 726 By 90 or 970 By 90 ad under your header, it can be really useful because before navigating your content, each and every visitor will pay attention to that ad slot.
Best AdSense Ads Spots to Maximize your Earnings

Between Posts (469 By 60)

Placing AdSense ad units just after the few paragraphs of your posts would help you to maximize your earnings. Just think, why people are visiting your website? Obviously for your posts, so displaying ads between your posts would certainly maximize your earnings.
Best AdSense Ads Spots to Maximize your Earnings

Sidebar (300 By 600, 160 By 600 and 300 By 250)

After placing ads under your header and between your posts, here comes another important ad slot for placing adsense ads, that is sidebar. Just like all above slots, placing ads in your sidebar would also maximize your earning potentials. Just like header, visitors also pay most of their attention to your sidebar. Some for checking your popular posts and the others for subscribing you, that's why the sidebar ad slots would also help you in increasing your earnings.
Best AdSense Ads Spots to Maximize your Earnings
We hope this article may have helped you in choosing the best AdSense ad slots for maximizing your earning potentials. If we missed any important ads slot then let us know in the comments section below and remember don't display more than 3 ads on page or you may get in trouble.

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17 comments to ''Best AdSense Ad Spots to Maximize your Earnings"

  1. Hi Zohaib,

    I discovered this post at Blog Vote Up [dot] com. You have provided some cool places to place the Ads. This will definitely help me if I decide to monetize my blog someday in future.

    Thanks for sharing.

    - Rohan.


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