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From College Student to Corporate CEO

By Zohaib Liaqat - 12 Comments
The student is a person with big ambitions, great aims, and an unbelievable will to study. He is determined to achieve set goals and knows perfectly how to do it. College period gives the hints on how to talk with people. It is important to know how to work with people and influence them with your own ideas. It is a good basis for future growing and high time to decide what you want to do with your life after school. You have numerous options but are you ambitious enough to think about becoming a CEO?

What is the CEO? He or she is practically the main person in any organization. CEO leads the team and has information about everything to be conducted around. The duty is not that easy but the successful business demands many contributions. One of them is being hard working. You need to understand what kind of business you want to be in charge of. It might be difficult to decide right away but you have a lot of time on your hands while studying. Even more so, you have possibilities to try and fail and try again as you have nothing to lose.

1. To begin with, search for the industries, which you think to be perfect for your own business. Read as much information as the resources allow. Read at first the general articles; those recommended by Forbes. Take time to investigate various industries and explore the best options suitable for you. Do a list of pros and cons, whenever you have a difficult time in choosing among industries.

2. Try to talk to CEOs from fields you are interested in. The more experienced they are the better it is for you. They may be slightly arrogant, especially in big companies. However, more often than not, successful people are eager to share their knowledge and help you to build your fortune. Especially, if you are bright, talented and hardworking. Start from small companies. They can be interested in the perspective and look forward to working with students. What may support you is the net resource LinkedIn. Use it as a map to look for the opportunities.

3. Build a wide network of connections. To do so, you will have to make the acquaintances with people, who have a wide range of contacts. Where to find them? – The ideal places would be educational seminars and various lectures. These connections can quite helpful for your future career.

4. Do not consider your 4-years studying to be a vacation. It is the time to spend with usefulness. You have wonderful chances, beginning with theoretical knowledge to be gained throughout the college years. One financial analytic once mentioned: “It has been a focus for colleges to really get behind their entrepreneurs”. Does not it sound great? Mark other people’s mistakes in your own practical knowledge luggage. You will be able to use it for not only the future career but also your personal life.

5. Finally, some students choose another way. They find it more comfortable to get a job in the desired company and then make career step-by-step. Even a small amount of work to be done in perspective is a real way out. The internship is a good choice. You can see how a corporate machine works from various perspectives. Only then, you can have a fully informed decision whether this business will suit you the best.

To make a long story short, probably you were not an excellent student in college. Maybe your grades are not perfect and once you have even said: “Write an essay for me”. Being a CEO is a challenging work – it is hard and demanding, and it takes up a significant part of your life. However, if you are a responsible person with a highly developed logic and good practical qualities, you will achieve the success you deserve. Believe in yourself and make the world go round the way you need it.

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12 comments to ''From College Student to Corporate CEO"

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