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5 Helpful Tips For Easy Adsense Success

By Zohaib Liaqat - 9 Comments
All of you know about Adsense. So I’ll skip the long drawn out explanation. Adsense is a Google Program that allows everyone with a website or blog, the opportunity to place ads on their website or blog, and share in the ad revenue.
All you have to do is just to get people to your blog / website that are interested in what you are blogging. And today in this post I'm going to show you that how to do it for free. So just follow these tips to get Easy Adsense Success.

1.Blog Optimization:

Blogs are fantastic to use for promoting Google Adsense because blogs are free and are easy to customize and have a built in ability to automatically place adsense ads on your blog. To get the most out of your blog, make sure to optimize your blog by adding title tags and make sure to mention keyword you are targeting for the search engines.

2. Updating Your Blog Daily:

One of the best way to get higher rankings is to update your blog daily. Updating your blog daily is important for two reasons.First, people will come back and visit your blog daily if it is updated frequently. Secondly, the search engines love fresh content. This will help you to get higher ranking and will enable more people to find your blog/website.

3. Submit Your Blog And RSS Feeds Directories:

You should submit your blog and RSS Feeds to directories, this will enable people interested in your topic to visit your blog and subscribe to your RSS Feed. Submitting your blog and RSS Feed to directories can be time consuming but there are software's available that will allow you to do it faster. This will also provide high PR and back links to your blog.

4. Ads Background and Text color / Blend Your Ads:

Make sure that the background of the adsense ads matches to your website and the ad text color looks good and blends in with your site. But if you are using then Blogger will automatically blend the ads in for you.

5. Promote Your Blog or Website Using Articles :

One of the best way to get Free traffic to your blog or website is that you should use your articles to promote your blog or website. Website owners of many websites like etc. will pick up your articles and publish them to their websites if your articles are well-written and applicable.
Here's a list of sites that will pick up your articles and publish them to their websites:

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9 comments to ''5 Helpful Tips For Easy Adsense Success"

  1. Hello Admin ! I have Adsense Account and last night I got Adsense Team Email in which they said that adsense ads are disabled for my site because of violation of adsense policies. I have removed all unacceptable things from my site and didn't got any response from adsense team yet. But i have torrent links in my website. Is torrent links okay ?

    1. No, torrent links are against Adsense policies.
      Torrent links are often linking to copyrighted material.

      AdSense lists the following in the Help Articles under Program Policies:

      "Sites with Google ads may not include or link to:
      Any other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity or infringes on the legal rights of others."

      So, torrent links are considered illegal.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. So what to do now ? If torrent links are illegal ?

    4. Remove all those links and other copyrighted material

  2. How can I Download non copyrighted free images for blogger?

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