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5 Tips For Powerful Search Engine Optimization

By Zohaib Liaqat - 17 Comments
Search Engine Optimization is about getting free traffic from Google and other popular search engines. SEO is important to improve you site rankings and it also increases your visitors. So today in this post there are 5 simple tips for powerful Search Engine Optimization.

1- Write unique content 

You should provide Unique Content to your website / blog. You need to provide content that is different from other sites and other webpages.

2- Add new content

To provide new content on regular basis is important too. The sites that provide new content are seen as more reliable than the others. This will increase your visitors and also improves your rankings.

3- Great keyword Phrase 

When you are working on search engine optimization, the first thing you should is to find a great keyword phrase for that page. You don't have to optimize your entire site on one keyword phrase - instead focus on writing posts for specific keywords and phrases.

4- Get a domain with your keyword phrase 

You should put your keyword phrase in your domain name to optimize for that phrase.

5- Use the keyword phrase in your URL 

Search engines read the URLs. So, if you can't get your keywords into your domain name, you can put them into your URLs. 

17 comments to ''5 Tips For Powerful Search Engine Optimization"

  1. Well said. Proper use of the keywords is one of the main steps in any SEO strategy. For example I can't put a whole keyword phrase "manufacturing engineer resume example" in the domain name, that would be impossible. So, here's what I do: - I use it in the URS of a suitable sample page or category.

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