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4 Reasons Your Blog Won't Get Approved by BuySellAds

By Zohaib Liaqat - 2 Comments
Everyone wants to be get approved by the largest ads selling network BuySellAds. You apply for approval but you wont get approved. If you are one of them who wants to get BuySellAds approval, then following tips would help you to get approved.
What are the reasons behind this? Do you have enough traffic? Is your page rank is enough to get approval? Do you have enough social media Fans? What do you think without all these you can get BuySellAds approval? Huh! The answer is No.

4 Reasons Your Blog Wont Get Approved by BuySellAds

1- Your Blog's Traffic

One of the solid reason that you wont get approved by BuySellAds is your Blog's traffic. You should prepare your blog before applying to BuySellAds even for the first time.

Your Blog should have great traffic, quality content to get approved by BuySellAds. If you provide quality content then the people will visit your daily and you'll get maximum traffic to get approved. On the other hand if your content is not helpful then its time for you to stop dreaming about BuySellAds Approval.

2- Social Media Fans

Some blog's don't have enough traffic and Alexa rank but are listed in BuySellAds Directory only on the basis of their social media fans (Facebook, Twitter etc.). Before applying for BuySellAds make sure that you have max. 1000 Facebook and 500 Twitter fans.

3- Your Blog's Domain

Before applying for BuySellAds you must buy a custom domain for your blog ( Because BuySellAds don't accept free domains like (

4- Your Blog's Design/Template

If your blog's design us ugly and full of ads, then your blog would not get approved by BuySellAds. Your blog's design should be professional. 

To get approved by BuySellAds your blog should have professional look, without ads and popups, pay attention to your visitors and provide quality content.

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Now you have to do a little Hard work to get approved by largest ads selling network 
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