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How to Set Custom Redirects in Blogger

By Zohaib Liaqat - 8 Comments
Blogs changes over time. Everyday new posts and pages are added and deleted. If you want to avoid 404 errors (Pages that doesn't exists), so Custom Redirects will help you to avoid these errors. Custom Redirects is a tool provided by blogger, using this tool you can redirect a URL to another. Let's take an example, suppose this URL, this is a page which was published 5 months ago and it is popular on the web and you've backlinks for this page, but now after 5 months you want to delete this page and create a new page on the same topic, the problem is that on visiting this page people will get 404 error as it is deleted, so if you want to keep your traffic flowing to the same URL, blogger Custom Redirect tool will help you to do this, using which you can point the same URL to your new post. Today, in this post, I'm going to show you that How to Set Custom Redirects in Blogger.

How to Set Custom Redirects in Blogger

Step 1. Log in to your Blogger Account
Step 2. Select your Blog and Go to Setting >> Search Preferences >> Under the Errors and redirections menu, click Edit next to Custom Redirects
How to Set Custom Redirects in Blogger
Step 3. Enter the Old URL in the 'From' field and Enter the New URL in the 'To' field (Including / Symbol)
How to Set Custom Redirects in Blogger
Note: Do not enter the full address of the links, just type the address after your blog address e.g In case my URL is, you just have to enter /p/my-page.html
Step 4. Click the Save button and then click Save Changes button
Note: This works only if you wish to redirect within your blog, not for external links.
If you want more redirects click New Redirect button

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8 comments to ''How to Set Custom Redirects in Blogger"

  1. Can I use this when I transfer my blog from blogger to wordpress?

    1. No this is used for redirecting links from the same blog like redirecting this link

  2. Nice tutorial. I tried it on my blog Naijcrackgist but it fails to redirect as you said. I don't know whats wrong.

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