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How to Block AdBlocker on your Blogger Blog

By Zohaib Liaqat - 2 Comments
AdBlocker is a browser extension, available on all major browsers and it is used to block advertisements and pop ups shown on websites. Advertisements annoys each and every visitor of our blog, especially pop ups. AdBlocker is useful to stay away from those annoying and disgusting ads, but this extension is a roadblock in the path of a blogger. Due to this extension visitors don't reach ads and it effects the earning of bloggers. AdBlockers totally affect life of bloggers who want to make money from there blogs. It also reduces CPM, CPC and other rates which you use to generate your revenue. There are two ways that you can use to block AdBlockers, the first one is to ask your readers to remove AdBlocker extension and the other one is that, force them to remove AdBlocker. If thousands of people visits your blog daily then it is impossible to ask each of them to remove AdBlocker extension which means that we have to force them to remove AdBlocker. So, today in this tutorial we'll show you that How to Block AdBlocker on your Blogger Blog.

How to Block AdBlocker on your Blogger Blog

Step 1. Log in to your Blogger Account
Step 2. Select a Blog >> Template >> Edit HTML >> Search for the ]]></b:skin> tag and above/before it paste the following code

#bgt_noadblocker {

Step 3. Again Search for </head> and paste the below code just above/before it

     <script type="text/javascript">
    if (document.getElementById("bgt_noadblocker") != undefined)
        alert("We've detected that you're using AdBlock Plus or some other adblocking software. In order to keep this website free, this site is sponsored in part by advertisements.\r\nPlease consider disabling your ad blocker on this website\r\nif you enjoyed the content, and would like to support future \r\ninformative posts.Thank you!\r\n\r\nClick OK to continue\r\n\r\nPowered by");

Step 4. Now Search for <body> and just below/after it paste the following code

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Step 5. Hit the Save Template button and you're done!
Now if any visitor with AdBlocker enabled visit your site will face an annoying message, he will get this message until he disables AdBlocker.

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2 comments to ''How to Block AdBlocker on your Blogger Blog"

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