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6 Easy Ways for Students to Make Money Online

By Zohaib Liaqat - 18 Comments
As a student, didn't you ever wished to have extra pocket money to spend? Like all other students you're also wasting your precious time in games and in using social networks like Facebook ,etc. You'll get nothing by playing games or by using Facebook. Playing Games or Facebook is not everything in the world. You must do something for your career in your precious time, but being a college student, doing a full time job can be quite difficult. But listen a full time job is not important for making money, you can easily make money from your living room. When I look back to my past, I also wasted my 2-3 years in playing games or in other activities, but got nothing. You'll get nothing after spending hundreds of hours using Facebook. Smart students have made lots of cash online at the comfort of their homes, so why not you? The only thing you need to take on these jobs is developing some basic online skills and you will be good to go.
6 Easy Ways for Students to Make Money Online
That's why I recommend my friends to think bigger and achieve bigger. Games and social media is not everything in this entire world. This is your precious time so don't waste it. Start your online career and double your pocket money. So today we'll share some Easy Ways Students Can Make Money Online.

Blogging - Start a Blog

Blogging is the easiest way for making money, but it requires time. You can start your blog on any specific topic in which you're interested i.e. blogger, Wordpress, templates, make money online SEO etc. There are many free Blogging platforms. But people like the one which provides most of its features for free. And one of them is Blogger. Creating a Blog on Blogger takes just 5 minutes and your blog is ready. You can create your blog for free of cost. You don't have to pay a penny to blogger for creating your blog. Blogging requires time, so you must need to wait for 2 to 3 months to get the attention of the audience and this is the only reason why new bloggers get dishearten due to no audience and hence they stop blogging. You must publish at least one post a day or more than one post.
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Freelancing is also another great job for students, just like blogging  just like blogging you don't bear to pay a cent. Nothing is required to become a freelancer, the only thing that is required to become a freelancer is 'Your Skills' yes only Skills are required to become a freelancer. What skills do you have? Content writer, marketer, programmer, software developer, mobile app developer, designer or whatever, you can work there.
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Paid to Click

If you don't know anything about blogging and freelancing then you can make money using Paid to Click programs. Paid to Click is the simplest way of making money. All you have to do is to click on advertisements. But the problem is that in paid to click programs, revenue is less. You can only click 8-10 ads a day and 0.01 or 0.02 for clicking one ad. But you can also make a double by referring it to your friends, if you refer your friends you'll receive 50 % commission .

Article Writing

You can also make money by writing articles. Your writing abilities and English grammar needs to be good if you want to become content writer. You can find clients from Facebook and from other Websites/Blogs for selling your posts. Most of the websites pay from 5$ to 10$ per article or more.

Data Entry Jobs

This is another popular method for making money. Data entry jobs are very popular among college students due to their simplicity to do and their availability to get. These jobs basically involve doing some simple basic tasks on your computer i.e. filling out forms, correction etc.

Playing Games

Sounds crazy! But it's true, you can make money by playing games. There are so many companies that pay out the gamers for playing on their games, often before releasing period so that they could give out their feedback. You have to play games for hours and after playing games you have to share your experience what you liked and disliked. So, anytime you feel bored and you want to relax, play games, relax yourself and earn money.

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These easy online jobs will also aid you in growing your skills. So start your online career today but most important thing that don't get trapped in scams and fake jobs. Doing these jobs will give you extra money with zero investment and without having to compromise your school schedule.

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  1. This is great. There are definitely a lot of ways for one to make money online and earn passive income monthly. If you like, you can check this one out. I myself am earning money from this one.

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  3. Very good advice for students or anyone looking to make extra money,

  4. Simply Describing
    I am a 14 years Blogger and the a phisher (Hacker ) , Thankz for sharing ,

  5. Simply Describing
    I am a 14 years Blogger and the a phisher (Hacker ) , Thankz for sharing ,

  6. This would set a new trend to web publishing

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  12. As for me, the best way to earn money for students is to learn how to program. And if you even have an idea for an app, then you can create the application yourself using Xamarin or other platforms.

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