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Contact form is one of the most essential elements of a blog/website. If you're a website owner then it's obvious that the people would contact your for queries, feedback, payments etc.

If you think that coding skills are required for creating contact or payment form, you're wrong, nothing is required for building a form. Now a days  there are hundreds of free online services, using which you can easily create any type of form for your blog with zero coding/skills. But the problem is to choose which one is the best, but now you don't have to worry about it because today we're going to share one of the best contact form builders on the web.
FormGet Review - An Ultimate Solution for HTML Contact Forms
Yes, the best form builder and it is FormGet is the ultimate solution for building HTML forms of any type. FormGet makes it easy to create and manage a form online with its unique features and powerful dashboard for free of cost. You can use forget for building contact forms, payments, bookings, admissions, auditions and hundred of other forms. Lets discuss the features of FormGet.


  • Easy to Use: Building forms using formget is extremely easy, no skills or coding is required. Easily manage you multiple forms from one place.
  • Eye-Catching Design: You'll get addicted to it once you created a form with formget. Eye-catching colors, clean layout and beautiful design.
  • Drag and Drop Form Builder: Easily drag and drop fields to your form, just a few clicks and your form is ready.
  • Collect Payments: Easily collect payments from your clients with zero loss and secured method.
  • Powerful Helpdesk Tool: With its instant messaging tools, easily solve your clients issues, faster and quicker.
  • Users Tracking: FormGet tracks your visitors and provides you all the information like their country, IP address, OS, browser etc.
  • Email Integration: You can also integrate your account with accounts on MailChimp, Madmimi, etc., and get the collected data stored into your mailing list.

Some of the other features are:

  • Dropbox Integration
  • Google Analytics
  • Auto Responsers
  • File Upload
  • Captcha
  • Translation
  • Pre-built Templates
Now we'll show you that How to Create A Form Using FormGet.

How to Create A Form Using

First and foremost go to and click Build your Form Now button
FormGet Review - An Ultimate Solution for HTML Contact Forms
It'll redirect you to the Form Editor, customize your form and design it in your own taste, it provides you several options for your form such as Name, Email Address, Message, Date, Radio, Text and if you want to make a payment form you can choose Payment option. After you've customized your form, click Next Step button.
FormGet Review - An Ultimate Solution for HTML Contact Forms
Now Create a new account or start using by connecting your account to Google or Facebook.
FormGet Review - An Ultimate Solution for HTML Contact Forms
After signup you'll be redirected to your Form Preview, there you can Upload your Own banner, customize its colors and customize its footer setting.
FormGet Review - An Ultimate Solution for HTML Contact Forms
FormGet Review - An Ultimate Solution for HTML Contact Forms
After customization click Save Changes and you'll be redirected to your Dashboard.
FormGet Review - An Ultimate Solution for HTML Contact Forms
From your Dashboard click Embed Form button, from the next page choose the type of your form, such as Sliding form or Full Form. Sliding form will be displayed on every page of your blog and it will slide out on clicking the button. Choose your form type and copy the code given just below it.
FormGet Review - An Ultimate Solution for HTML Contact Forms
FormGet Review - An Ultimate Solution for HTML Contact Forms
If you choose a sliding form then paste the copied code between the opening and closing <head> tag in your template code. And in case of Full Form, copy the code and add it on a separate page. For adding full form in blogger go to Pages >> Create a New Page >> Switch to HTML tab >> Paste the Full Form Code and click Publish.

From Editors Desk

We hope this tutorial may have helped you in creating a Contact Form for your blog. If you like this tutorial, then do share it with your friends on Facebook, Google+ or twitter and don't forget to subscribe us!

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