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Ninja Outreach Review + Giveaway 3 Small Agency Accounts for 1 Year

Recently I published a review on and Its premium account free for lifetime Giveaway. Today I am here again with another mind blowing product review + Giveaway its 3 Small Agency Accounts for 1 Year. The product I am going to review today is Ninja Outreach is developed by 3 Ninjas, I mean developers Mark Samms, Gurpal Theti and Dave Schneider.

Ninja Outreach Review on Blogolect
3 Ninja Outreach Accounts Ninja Outreach is created for researchers and information collectors. For years people have been researching influencers, collecting valuable information and contact information, tweeting and building client reports. Let's suppose you're one them, what were you doing? Using dozens of tools. Right! But now you don't have to worry about it, because Ninja Outreach is all in one tool for collecting all the information. Now Let's discuss its Features:

Fast Prospecting

Its just simple! You can find thousands of bloggers and business leads in minutes for your target keywords in any niche. Isn't its great!
Ninja Outreach Review on Blogolect

Build Relationships

Build Relationships with other people in your field. Create Valuable relationships by commenting on their blogs and by following them on social networks.
Ninja Outreach Review on Blogolect

Advanced Filters and Lists

Create unlimited lists, easily manage them and use advanced Filters on social shares, contact info, and SEO metrics and sort to get what you exactly need.
Ninja Outreach Review on Blogolect

Create Custom Templates

Create you custom templates and design your template according to your own taste and add custom fields for personalized out reach.
Ninja Outreach Review on Blogolect

Contact Influencers within the Software

Contact influencers within the software on their email's or social accounts.
Ninja Outreach Review on Blogolect

Social and SEO Data

Get all social and SEO data at one page. View contact info such as email, contact URL, phone number, and social shares across multiple social platforms.

Easily Import and Export Data

Easily export your lists into a CSV and Import thousands of website URLs into your lists to capture additional data.

Find Special Posts

Get notified if the influencers does giveaways, guest posts, sponsored posts or product reviews and participate in them.

More Features:

Edit Contacts: Edit Contact data to build your lists.
Contact Form Submitter: Submit Customized template through contact forms.
View Latest Tweets and Posts: See the latest Tweets and Posts from the influencers.
And Much More...

Why you Should Choose

I already explained all the features of Ninja Outreach above. A part of all these features, its price is also affordable and less than all other tools. Check its more features and pricing @


Ninja Outreach is available in four different packages. Blogger, Small Agency, Large Agency and Enterprise. More details @ You can also try a 14 Day Free Trial for any package.

Giveaway 3 Ninja Outreach Accounts for 1 Year (Each Account Worth $261)

The founders of Ninja Outreach has decided to giveaway 3 Small Agency Accounts for 1 Year, value $261 ($783 for 3 Account) for free to Blogolect Readers. Ninja Outreach is one of the best tools for collecting lists and discovering bloggers, business leads in every niche imaginable. So don't miss this opportunity to win an account free for 1 year.
Please enter a Valid Email. Invalid entries will have no credit and he/she will be blocked for this giveaway.
3 Ninja Outreach Accounts Increase your chances to win by 300% by completing all above entries. The winners will be announced here. Join us on Twitter and Facebook to get notified about its ending date. We'll contact the winners or he/she can also contact us on Facebook @ Let's see who wins this contest... Review + Giveaway 1 Premium Account Free for Lifetime

Hello Bloggers, recently I published a review on Review - Create Infographics Easily and today I am going to write another review on Graphic designing is one of the hottest fields today and everyone knows that Photoshop is the world's best designer but it's not easy to use. You need to be an expert to create designs using photoshop and it could take several months/an year to become a photoshop expert. But with the passage of time, developers are working on projects to make everything easy and is one of them. Review
If you don't want to spend months on photoshop but you want to design like professionals then is the best solution. Youzign is an online designer but its different from all other online designers, I came to it 2 weeks ago I thought it would be like other online designers but its not, after using its great features and tools, all I can say its just awesome. You don't need to be an expert, its easy to use and you can create any type of design you want either its a headers, cover or an infograph.

Go to the end of the page and complete the steps given to participate in the giveaway for 1 youzign account free for lifetime.

Let's Talk about its Mind Blowing Features

If you're fed up with photoshop and all other designers then it's time to rock again with youzign. Let's discuss its cool features:

Designing with Youzign is Simple as 1, 2, 3

Yes really, its simple as 1, 2, 3. You don't need to be an expert to use youzign. Just get your account and start designing. Review

750,000+ Free Icons/Cliparts

One of the best features of youzign is that it provides you thousands of high quality icons for free on your account. 750,000+ Free Icons are available that you can use for creating your designs. Just enter your search terms and youzign goes off and finds all the images you need. One click, and the image is added right there to your canvas. Simple! Right... Have a look at the images below that I took while creating my design: Review Review Review

Create Whatever you Want

Whatever you want to design, you can design it using youzign. There are several sizes avaliable for all type of designs like Facebook Cover, Twitter Cover, Header, Inforgraphics etc. or you can choose a custom size. Review

Easy to Use Dashboard

Create your design, save it and edit it again whenever you want. Its easy to use dashboard helps you to easily access your previous designs. Review

Instant Background Removal

If you want to remove background from you images then by using youzign you can easily remove background from your images and add another background.

Mobile Version

If you're out on a picnic and you want quick access to youzign then youzign mobile will be there for you. Its mobile friendly design allow you to access and design from you mobile. All you need is an internet connection on your mobile and you're in. Review

Complete Wordpress Integration

Easily integrate Youzign with your wordpress account using Youzign Plugin and easily add your images, infographs to your posts and pages for free. Review

Other Features

Drag and Drop Designer - Its Drag and Drop Designer helps you easily design within minutes
Handy Layering - Easily use layers and play with them to make an impressive designs
Instant Image Cropping - Crop your images instantly
Customize Graphics Instantly - Customize you image graphics the way you like with it awesome design tools
Cool Filters - Use its cool filters and give a new look to your images
One-Click Preview - Preview you designs whenever you want with a single click
And Much More

How Much it Costs

The regular price of youzign is 197/yr but if you order it now you can get it for as low as just $47. Hurry up don't miss this opportunity and if you think your luck is with you then participate in the contest below and win 1 free youzign account for lifetime. Hurry up... Review
Hurry up get your account before the offer ends... Visit now

Giveaway 1 Premium Youzign Account Free for Lifetime

Youzign Premium Account Giveaway
Increase your chances to win by 300% by completing all above entries. This contest will run till 30 March 15 March and the winner will be announced automatically. We'll contact the winner or he/she can also contact us on Facebook @ Let's see who wins this contest...

Top 15 Best Web Hosting Services of 2015

Here's a list of top 15 web hosting companies and best hosting providers, the most reliable, well known web hosts that offer affordable hosting services at the lowest prices possible. With hundreds of web hosting companies offering all types of plans, it becomes a challenge to choose the best web hosting company at affordable rates. In order to make your site accessible to all people on the internet, its important to have web hosting for your website. There are hundreds of web hosting companies on the internet, from where you can buy hosting. But the problem is to choose the one having great features and affordable rates. So, to help you in choosing the best web hosting company, in this article we're going to share Top 15 Best Web Hosting Services. Just choose one of them and start your online career.
Top 15 Best Web Hosting Services of 2015


iPage is on the 1st number due to its affordable rates and great features. You can buy hosting for as low as 2.25/month with a free domain. It's plans also include $500 of extras. It includes Blog tools including wordpress, other powerful site builders and high level security.


Justhost provides reliable and affordable web hosting. It's plans include upto $200 in advertising credits for Facebook, Google and Bing. Its features include FREE Domain, FREE Site Builders, FREE Instant Setup, Unlimited Email Accounts, FREE 24/7 Phone Support and Unlimited File Transfer.


Easy and affordable web hosting at hostgator. Host Gator is also one of the most popular web hosting service provider. Its features include Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Easy Control Panel, 1-click script Installs, 4,500 Free Website Templates, 99.9% Uptime and $100 Google Adwords offer.

Blue Host

Blue Host also provides fast professional web hosting services. Blue Host is providing Hosting Services since 1996 and is one of the most trusted hosting provides. Its features include powerful control panel, Google integration, money-back guarantee and $200 in advertising credits for Facebook, Yahoo, Bing and Google.


Go Daddy is the giant of the web hosting service industry, many times larger than any other domain registrar. They service upwards of 45 million domain names and the number is on the rise. Its features include powerful control panel, 1-click install of 200+ free applications (Joomla, Drupal, etc.), 1GB database storage (MySQL Linux) or 200MB database storage (Windows SQL) and 1-click setup for GoDaddy registered domains.


Askforhost is an Affordable web hosting services Provider. It provides Best hosting services on reasonable price with best Technical Support in Hosting Industry. It's features include 100% uptime, instant scalability, full root and more.


Network Solutions

Hope you find this article helpful in finding the best web hosting service. Share this article with your friends and don't forget to subscribe us!

Boost your Blog Traffic and Authority with ViralContentBuzz

Generating traffic has always been the problem of every blogger. People use their own different techniques for increasing their blog traffic, like Advertisements, Social Media etc. A part of all these techniques there are also some secret techniques that most of the people don't know. Today we're going to share one of those secret techniques, and that is ViralContentBuzz.
Boost your Blog Traffic and Authority with ViralContentBuzz
Most of the people think its just a waste of time but believe me! It Works. I've been using viralcontentbuzz for last 4-5 months and truly it helped me a lot in increasing my social media authority and my blog traffic. So, in this article we'll discuss about Viral Content Buzz and How to Use it for Generating Massive Traffic. First of all, lets talk about what is Viral Content Buzz?

What is Viral Content Buzz?

Viral Content Buzz is a service owned by Gerald Weber and Ann Smarty. Its concept is just brilliant. Viral Content buzz is a platform that utilizes a crowd-sourcing model to facilitate the generation of REAL “social buzz” on quality content.

For example, you write an outstanding post and publish it on your Blog. The next thing is to promote it, okay, you shared it on your Facebook page, twitter account and G+ Profile, but the post still runs out of steam. Here comes the concept of ViralContentBuzz. Using Viral Content Buzz you can generate hundreds of shares to your content. Lets see How it Works?


  • Make your Blog Go Viral
  • Higher Social Media Authority
  • Share High Quality Content on your Profile and increase your appearance

How it Works?

It's just simple, Promote others Content and get your Content Promoted. The more you promote others content, the more credits you earn and the more shares you generate.

Promote others content, you'll earn credits, add those credits to your Content and Generate Social Shares. VCB supports Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and StumbleUpon. Joining VCB is free, you don't have to pay a penny.

How to Use it for Increasing your Shares and Traffic?

First of all, go to Register a new account or join by Facebook or Twitter.
Boost your Blog Traffic and Authority with ViralContentBuzz
After the Registration, confirm your account and Log in to your Account. It'll redirect you to your Dashboard.
Boost your Blog Traffic and Authority with ViralContentBuzz
Now its time to add your project, click Add Project, enter your Project Details and click Submit.
Note: It doesn't allow Direct Link/Home Page URL to your Blog. You can only submit your Blog Posts. The moderators will review your project and approve it. Once your project gets approved, now share others content to earn credits and add them to your project.
Boost your Blog Traffic and Authority with ViralContentBuzz
To earn credits again go to the Dashboard and share others content on your profiles. Upon sharing it'll ask you to add your social profiles, so add your social profiles and start sharing. After earning credits, go to My Projects, add those credits to your Projects and start generate shares to your content.
Boost your Blog Traffic and Authority with ViralContentBuzz
Thats it! Now, use viralcontentbuzz and start generating Massive Traffic to your Blog.

We hope this article may help you in generating more traffic to your blog and increasing your social media authority. Share this article with your friends and don't forget to subscribe us! Review - Create Infographics Easily

Recently I wrote a review on FormGet, and today I am here again with another review which is on Infographics. Infographics are actually storytelling images. I am also a big fan of infographics. Creating infographics can take a lot of time and great skills. Finding images, its design, choosing colors bla bla bla. Whatever creating an Infographic isn't easy, it requires a lot of time, skills, programs, finding images etc. Review - Create Infographics Easily
But listen, do you think that the people spend hours and hours on creating an Infographic? I don't think so! Then what did they use to create them. I think, is an online tool for creating infographics. Some top marketing channels, businesses and some top blogs are using infographics to attract people and believe me it works.

Infographics ar really a great way for telling you story in just one image and attracting people. So, if you've always wanted to create your own infographic, but you don't have much time and skills for it. Then don't worry, using you can easily create a professional looking infographic in just minutes without paying a cent. So, first of all let's discuss it features:


  • Drag and Drop Method: You can add or remove objects easily by drag and drop method.
  • Quick and Fast: Create you own professional looking infographic in just a few minutes.
  • Easy to Use: No skills are required.
  • Templates/Vhemes: provides a great range of infographic templates, they all look professional and clean.
  • Free of Cost: Yes you don't have to pay a penny for creating an infographic using
  • No Sign up: No Sign up is required for creating an infographic. 

How to Create an Infographic using

First and foremost go to Secondly Scroll down and choose your desired template or you can also create a new template, to create a new template click Start Fresh, you can also browse templates by choosing categories. You can Edit any object or text on the chart by just clicking on it and it will show you the options for that element. Review - Create Infographics Easily
Its time to customize and design your infographic. provides you several useful option for customization. Click Vhemes button to choose a template, click the Object button to add object. To add an object simply drag and drop your object anywhere on your infograph. Review - Create Infographics Easily
You can choose it background by clicking the Background Button. Review - Create Infographics Easily
The next option is Shapes, using which you can add different types of arrows to your graph. Review - Create Infographics Easily
Click the Text button for adding text. The Charts buttton is another awesome option, using the charts button, you can add different charts to your infograph. Review - Create Infographics Easily
You can also upload your own image/object by using the Upload button.
After you've customized/created your infograph click the Download button on the top bar, it'll show you three options for saving your infograph i.e. Low Quality, High Quality and PDF. Review - Create Infographics Easily
If you want to Save your infograph then you've to create an account. Just Create an Account >> Design your Infographic and Save it.
We just have discussed some main features, there are several other options for the customization. So go to, try all those features and amaze your visitors.

Final Words is just a great tool for creating infographics in minutes with zero skills. can help you save your several hours in creating an Infographic. Have you ever used Let us know what you think about these tools in the comments. Share this review with your friends and don't forget to subscribe us!

FormGet Review - An Ultimate Solution for HTML Contact Forms

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Contact form is one of the most essential elements of a blog/website. If you're a website owner then it's obvious that the people would contact your for queries, feedback, payments etc.

If you think that coding skills are required for creating contact or payment form, you're wrong, nothing is required for building a form. Now a days  there are hundreds of free online services, using which you can easily create any type of form for your blog with zero coding/skills. But the problem is to choose which one is the best, but now you don't have to worry about it because today we're going to share one of the best contact form builders on the web.
FormGet Review - An Ultimate Solution for HTML Contact Forms
Yes, the best form builder and it is FormGet is the ultimate solution for building HTML forms of any type. FormGet makes it easy to create and manage a form online with its unique features and powerful dashboard for free of cost. You can use forget for building contact forms, payments, bookings, admissions, auditions and hundred of other forms. Lets discuss the features of FormGet.


  • Easy to Use: Building forms using formget is extremely easy, no skills or coding is required. Easily manage you multiple forms from one place.
  • Eye-Catching Design: You'll get addicted to it once you created a form with formget. Eye-catching colors, clean layout and beautiful design.
  • Drag and Drop Form Builder: Easily drag and drop fields to your form, just a few clicks and your form is ready.
  • Collect Payments: Easily collect payments from your clients with zero loss and secured method.
  • Powerful Helpdesk Tool: With its instant messaging tools, easily solve your clients issues, faster and quicker.
  • Users Tracking: FormGet tracks your visitors and provides you all the information like their country, IP address, OS, browser etc.
  • Email Integration: You can also integrate your account with accounts on MailChimp, Madmimi, etc., and get the collected data stored into your mailing list.

Some of the other features are:

  • Dropbox Integration
  • Google Analytics
  • Auto Responsers
  • File Upload
  • Captcha
  • Translation
  • Pre-built Templates
Now we'll show you that How to Create A Form Using FormGet.

How to Create A Form Using

First and foremost go to and click Build your Form Now button
FormGet Review - An Ultimate Solution for HTML Contact Forms
It'll redirect you to the Form Editor, customize your form and design it in your own taste, it provides you several options for your form such as Name, Email Address, Message, Date, Radio, Text and if you want to make a payment form you can choose Payment option. After you've customized your form, click Next Step button.
FormGet Review - An Ultimate Solution for HTML Contact Forms
Now Create a new account or start using by connecting your account to Google or Facebook.
FormGet Review - An Ultimate Solution for HTML Contact Forms
After signup you'll be redirected to your Form Preview, there you can Upload your Own banner, customize its colors and customize its footer setting.
FormGet Review - An Ultimate Solution for HTML Contact Forms
FormGet Review - An Ultimate Solution for HTML Contact Forms
After customization click Save Changes and you'll be redirected to your Dashboard.
FormGet Review - An Ultimate Solution for HTML Contact Forms
From your Dashboard click Embed Form button, from the next page choose the type of your form, such as Sliding form or Full Form. Sliding form will be displayed on every page of your blog and it will slide out on clicking the button. Choose your form type and copy the code given just below it.
FormGet Review - An Ultimate Solution for HTML Contact Forms
FormGet Review - An Ultimate Solution for HTML Contact Forms
If you choose a sliding form then paste the copied code between the opening and closing <head> tag in your template code. And in case of Full Form, copy the code and add it on a separate page. For adding full form in blogger go to Pages >> Create a New Page >> Switch to HTML tab >> Paste the Full Form Code and click Publish.

From Editors Desk

We hope this tutorial may have helped you in creating a Contact Form for your blog. If you like this tutorial, then do share it with your friends on Facebook, Google+ or twitter and don't forget to subscribe us!