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6 Websites for Selling your T-shirt Designs

By Zohaib Liaqat - 21 Comments
In our previous article we discussed about How to Make Money by Designing T-Shirts and as we promised that in our next article we'll share some top websites for submitting your T-shirt designs, so here it is. Designing T-shirts is one of the easiest ways to make money. The procedure is simple Get a Creative Idea for your design >> Turn it to artwork >> Find the best website for selling your T-shirts >> Submit your Design and make money when the sales starts coming in. If you're thinking about that how you'll print your designs, don't worry, it doesn't involve manufacturing, packaging, shipping etc. You just have to submit your design. Today in this article we're going to share Top 6 Websites for Selling your T-shirt Designs. Hope you find it useful.
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6 Websites for Selling your T-shirt Designs

1- Zazzle

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Zazzle is one of the best online services to submit your own products with zero cost and great share when the sales start coming in. Zazzle provides easy-to-use editors, reach millions of customers and their most aggressive commission structure.

2- Threadless

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Threadless is another great website for submitting your designs, but getting your design into production is tough. The procedure is You got an Idea >> Design It >> Submit it to Threadless >> If your design gets approved and gets printed you'll get money plus a gift certificate, if your design is reprinted you'll get more money. The toughest part is to get your design approved.

3- Teespring

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Teespring allows you to create & sell custom apparel with zero upfront costs and zero risk. It provides its own editor for designing your T-shirts. All you've to do is to Create a Campaign >> Set a sales goal >> Add a Description to your product >> Reach your goal and the shirts get printed.

4- Shopify

At shopify you can sell whatever you want. You can start your online store with shopify. About 120,000 online stores use shopify. So, open your store at shopify and start selling your T-shirts or whatever you want.

5- Design by Humans

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Design by Humans is another great place for selling your T-shirt designs. Just Design your T-shirt >> Submit it to Design by Humans >> Your design gets sold and you Make Money.

6- Spreadshirt

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Spreadshirt is a creative worldwide platform for custom T-shirts and hoodies. Selling your product is simple, just Create a Design >> Upload your Design >> Make Money $$$.

Hope this article may help you in earning some extra money and finding the best place for selling your designs. Share this article with your friends and don't forget to subscribe us!

21 comments to ''6 Websites for Selling your T-shirt Designs"

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