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How to Make Money by Designing T-Shirts

By Zohaib Liaqat - 3 Comments
Designing T-Shirts is one of the easiest ways for making money. You can make some extra money by designing T-shirts and submitting your designs to t-shirts producing companies. Designing T-shirts is easiest way because all you've to do is to design your shirt, it doesn’t involve manufacturing, packaging, shipping etc. you only have to be creative. After designing your T-shirt design you can sell it in the marketplace or you can also open your online shop.
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How to Make Money by Designing  T-Shirts

How it Actually Works?

If you're thinking that how it works then here it is. Making money by designing T-shirts is as easy as 1,2,3. There are hundreds of websites where you can submit your designs. Simply all you've to do is A Creative Design >> Turn it into Artwork >> Submit it to Marketplace or Open your Own Online Shop >> Enter its Price >> Your product gets sold and you get money. The very first thing you need is

A Company

Choose a company where you want to sell your design. If your design gets approved then they'll print it on shirts. There are hundreds of online T-shirts producing companies, so choose the best one and here's one of the best websites for submitting your design. Hope you find it useful.
How to Make Money by Designing  T-Shirts
Zazzle is one of the best online services to submit your own products with zero cost and great share when the sales start coming in.
  • Easy-to-use editors
  • Reach millions of customers
  • Most aggressive commission structure

An Idea

Get creative ideas about what you're going to design. The majority of people like graphical tees that connect with them and reflect their personality. You should know that what people are looking for. Once you got it then its time for the next step.


After getting the idea,now you've to design it. Turn your artwork and designs into quality products that you're going to sell worldwide. You can use any software for your design like photoshop etc. Some websites also provide their own editors for designing. So get an idea for your design, turn it into an artwork, sell it and make money.

Promote your Product

After designing your product its time to submit it to the marketplace. Let's say you sell your shirts for $20. Assuming you charge a few bucks extra for shipping and others, you’ll get $10 per shirt. And $500 for 50 shirts.

That's all. Hope this article may help you in earning some extra money. In our next article we'll share some top websites for selling your product. Stay Tuned, and like always don't forget to share this article and subscribe us.

3 comments to ''How to Make Money by Designing T-Shirts"

  1. Thank you bro for this good info about how we can earn money by designing t-shirts,.. nice sharing

  2. Designing T-shirt is my hobby i usually design shirt only for me, relatives and my friends i don't have a single thought to make those designs into money. But your idea makes me to earn money.

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