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30 Handpicked Blogger Widgets and Plugins

By Zohaib Liaqat - 7 Comments
Blogger is one of the best blogging platforms. No doubt! that blogger is now emerging as a powerful opponent of other platforms like wordpress etc. Its flexible and easy to use. You don't have to pay a penny for creating a blog on blogger and no skills are required for starting your blog. The main purpose of creating Blogolect was to help newbies in improving their skills. BGT has always shared high quality and professional articles on blogging. Hundreds of tutorials on blogging are available at blogolect. A part of all these tutorials, BGT has always created and promoted blogger widgets. There are 90+ blogger widgets & plugins available in our widgets inventory. After sharing hundreds of tutorials and widgets, today we're presenting a collection of 30 Handpicked Best Blogger Widgets and Plugins. So lets begin:
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1- Flat UI Email Subscription Widget

Email Subscription Boxes are one of the best ways that bloggers use for increasing their email subscribers. These boxes also help you increasing your Blog Traffic. Here's a Flat style Email Subscription Box for your Blogger Blog.  
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2- Stylish Numbered Page Navigation for Blogger

Numbered page navigation makes your blog user-friendly by allowing them to easily navigate your blog posts. Here a Stylish numbered page navigation for your Blogger Blog. 
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3- AddThis Floating Share Buttons for Blogger

Social sharing button make it easy for your visitors to share your blog posts. Using these buttons your visitors will be able to share your posts on their social media profiles with a single click. Add AddThis Floating share button to your Blogger Blog. 
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4- Advanced Admin Control Panel for Blogger

Admin Control Panel is a facility for blog administrators to manage their blogs with ease and speed. This Admin Control Panel is only visible to blog administrator (Not to readers/visitors). Only blog administrator will be able to see this navbar/panel when he is logged in to his account.  
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5- Elegant Email Subscription Box

Another simple and clean email subscription box for your blogger blog. Add it to your blog and increase your email subscribers plus visitors too.  
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6- jQuery Sliding Menu with Expand/Collapse Function for Blogger

A beautiful jQuery Sliding Menu with hide/show function. This panel contains an About Us section, categories, email subscription form and social media buttons.
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7- Tabbed Table of Contents for Blogger

Add a Tabbed Table of contents to your blog and let your visitors to access all your blog posts from one page. Be Smart!
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8- Flat UI Labels Cloud Widget

Labels cloud is widget that allows you to categorize your blog posts under specific categories and make your blog user-friendly by allowing them to easily navigate to your content by selecting labels. Here's a Flat style customization for Labels Widget.
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9- Multi-Colored Popular Posts Widget

Popular posts is a widget that displays the most visited posts of your blog. As the default popular posts widget is simple and not attention grabbing, so here's a Multi-Colored popular posts widget customization for your blog.
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10- 2 Advanced Search Boxes for Blogger

Search boxes are one of the most essentials elements of a blog allowing your visitors to easily search for the content they're looking for by typing the keywords. Here are two advanced search boxes for your blogger blog.
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11- Related Posts Widget with Thumbnails and Summary

Add Related posts widget under your blog posts and let your visitors to check other posts related to that they're reading at that moment. Here's a Related Posts widget with thumbnails and summary for your blog.
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12- Add a Live Chat Support Widget to Blogger

Increase your sales and users experience by providing them a Live Chat Support widget to contact you easily. If you don't know about adding a Live Chat Support to blog then here's a tutorial about adding Live Chat to your Blog. It hardly take 3-4 minutes to add it.
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13- Author Bio Box Widget for Blogger

Let your visitors know who is the man/author behind this blog by adding aa Author Bio Box to your Blogger blog. Here's an author bio box for your Blogger Blog.
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14- Add Pinterest Pin it Image Hover Button to Blogger

Add a pinterest pin it button to your blog images and increase the chances to get your images pinned by your visitors. Here's a tutorial on how to add Pinterest Pin it button to your blogger blog.
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15- Facebook Popup Like Box Widget

Increase your Facebook fan page likes by adding a popup Facebook Popup Like box. Here's a beautiful Pop up like box for your Blogger Blog.
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16- Magazine Style with Post Summaries and Thumbnails for Blogger

Looking to change your simple posts layout to a magazine style. Here's a tutorial for you to Change your Posts to a Magazine Style with thumbnails and summary.
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17- Create a Sitemap/Table of Contents in Blogger

Another simple Table of contents for your blog. Add this sitemap to your blog and let your visitors to easily access all your blog posts from one page.
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18- Floating Social Media Sharing button for Blogger

Increase the chances of your content to be shared by your visitors by adding Floating Social Sharing button to your Blog.
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19- Facebook Popup Like Box Widget for Blogger

Another pop up Like box for increasing your Facebook fan page likes. Add this widget to your blog and increase your likes.
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20- Social Subscription Widget for Blogger

A simple subscription box with an email subscription form and social media buttons for your blog. Add it to your Blog and increase your social appearance.
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21- Create a Page Peel Effect in Blogger

A page peel effect for your blogger blog to amaze your visitors. Add it to your Blog now!
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22- Flat Social Subscription Widget for Blogger

A metro style social subscription widget for your blog. With its stylish and clean design it fits in all templates.
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23- Customized Labels Cloud Widget

Another stylish customization for Labels cloud widget. Apply this customization to your blog now!
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24- Back to Top button

Install v1 (Flat Button) - Install v2 - Install v3 (Up and Down Both buttons)

25- Customize the Scroll Bar with JScrollPane

Customize the scroll bar only for your blog using JScrollPane. Here's a tutorial on How to Customize the Scroll Bar with JScrollPane.

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26- 3 Styles for Popular Posts Widget

3 different customization for your popular posts widget. Choose the one you like and apply it to your Blogger Blog.
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27- Marquee Notification Bar for Blogger

A top notification bar with a beautiful marquee effect. Display your trending articles on it and notify your visitors about important notifications.
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28- 9 Beautiful Search Boxes for Blogger

9 beautiful search boxes for your blog. Choose the one you like and implement it to your blog.
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29- Recent Posts Gadget with Excerpt

Recent posts widget displays the latest posts of your blog. Here's a cool recent posts widget with excerpt and other amazing effects.
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30- Let Your Visitors Change Your Blog's Background Color

Allow you visitors to change your blog's background only for their computer. Add this widget to your blog now!
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We hope you find this listing useful. If we missed any widget, please mention it in the comments section below. Do share this article with your friends and give us your feedback about this post in the comments section.  

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