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Is this Website Down or Not? Downtimes are part of almost each and every website. Even some top websites like Facebook face down times. But sometimes if you're not able to access a website, this question might arise in your mind that, Is this website down only for me? Sometimes it happens due to some problem in your network connection and sometimes the website is down for everyone. But How to check that the website is down only for you or for everyone. Luckily there are some services available on the internet that provides you the answer to that query. Using these websites you can If a website is down or not. So in this post I'm going to share two websites that you can use to check a website is down or not.

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Is This Website Down or Not

Down for Everyone or Just Me

Down for Everyone or Just Me is one of those services that you can use to check a website. Just go to Down for Everyone or Just Me and enter the website that you want to check, if it's down or not. Simple!
Is This Website Down or Not

Down Right Now

Down Right Now is another website for checking a website is up or not. But it lacks the option to enter your OWN website. It only displays the status of some top websites like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Google.
Is This Website Down or Not
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