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How To Backup Your Blogger Blog Posts

By Zohaib Liaqat - 11 Comments
Today, In this article we are going to discuss that why it is important to backup your blog and how to backup your blog. In the world of blogging if you want to be safe from any problem even your blog posts. So you must be ready to face the problem.
How To Backup Your Blogger Blog Posts
Your blog may gets deleted by Google and you want to publish all those posts on your new blog or you accidentally deleted your blog posts. With all of these risks, backing up your blog has become an essential precaution that you too need to take. Because by having a backup you can easily publish all those posts again on your blog.

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How to Backup your Blogger Template
How to Restore your Blogger Template from Backup

If you want to prevent your blog from any damage then you must create a backup of your blog. By having a backup, you can prevent your blog from damage by restoring your content. You must take backup of your blog daily or weekly.
So, just follow the steps below to backup your blog posts :

How To Backup Your Blogger Blog Posts

Step 1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard >> Select a Blog >> Setting >> Other
Step 2. Now look for Blog Tools heading and click the Export blog option
How To Backup Your Blogger Blog Posts
Step 3. A popup will appear, click Download Blog
How To Backup Your Blogger Blog Posts
Step 4. Save that file and that is the backup of your blog.
Keep the file in a Safe Location
Important :
This backup will only backup your blog posts, not the images.

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11 comments to ''How To Backup Your Blogger Blog Posts"

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