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Five Reasons Live Chat Is a Cash Factory

Sometimes the connection between an action and a result can be foggy.

Businesses often make investments in new tech and software-based more on hope than a real understanding of the benefits. Right now, business models are adopting live chat to increase customer satisfaction and income.
Yet, the reasons the best live chat software works so well can be unclear.

Here are five ways live chat turns customer service into a money production line.

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Fast Response

In the e-commerce world, patience is for losers. Customers want their answers, and they want them now!
Live chat delivers in record time. It seems like we’ve all been on hold with customer service for a half hour or waited a day for an emailed answer.
Then comes live chat with its average response time of just 23 seconds!
And it doesn’t stop there. Most chat conversations are just 6-12 minutes long.

Customer Preferences

We all want to make our customers happy, right?
Then we should all focus on live chat. 79% of customers say they want live chat because it is immediate and that it solves problems faster than all other options.
Furthermore, among voice, forums, email, Facebook, and Twitter, live chat comes out on top of the customer satisfaction mountain with a 92% approval rating.
In addition, live chat may be immediate, but it is not urgent. Over half of customers prefer it because it allows them to multitask. Over 20% of consumers even say it allows them to shop while at work.

Software Help

Online businesses can excuse themselves from live chat no longer. Today, a wide variety of chat-enabling software options are available. LivePerson and JivoSite have over 300,000 subscriptions each. LiveChat, Olark, and Intercom are all hot on their heels with over 150,000 subscriptions each.

Optional packages give businesses the power to acquire customer information, proactively offer assistance – even see what the customer is writing before the message is sent.

Conversion Rates

Great service sells. Live chat is a proven winner when it comes to conversion.

Over half of customers state they are more likely to buy when they use live chat. In addition, 29% say they are more likely to purchase items when live chat is offered proactively, even if they don’t use it.

Overall, those who take advantage of live chat convert three to five times as often as an average customer. That success also transfers to business-to-business commerce, where chat boosts conversions by over 20%.

Return of Investment

The numbers are certainly impressive, but is live chat worth the investment of time and money?

Studies demonstrate it is. The return on investment from typical live chat software hovers around 300%.

It’s easy to see why. Chat costs 400% less than phone support. And it reduces call volumes by a reported 40%. Additionally, the average chat employee can do the work of 15 email support reps.

Also, live chat grows order sizes. Carts increase 10% for customers who utilize live chat. The average chatting visitor brings four-and-a-half times the value of a non-chatter.

Live chat is boosting the revenues of businesses across the spectrum.

Why not put this cash factory to work for you?

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Josh Wardini | Community Manager at  Webmastersjury | Location Incapable Internet Enthusiast | Re-Designer of the World Around | Bodybuilder trapped in a Computer Geeks Body. 

Top 4 Live Chat Support Widgets for your Blogger Blog

If you want to grow a community and increase user engagement, then the Live Chat Support widget is one of the most effective solutions. In this Modern age, no one has time to wait for several hours or days for receiving your solution feedback. Everyone likes to get solutions to their answers within no time.
Top 4 Live Chat Support Widgets for your Blogger Blog
While choosing an online service, people look for its features and Live Chat Support is the most crucial. Whether you are running an online store, a community, service or a blog, live chat support is important. By adding a live chat support widget you will get real-time feedback from your visitors regarding your product or content and surely it'll also increase your sales. In this article, we are going to share Top 4 Live Chat Support Widgets for your Blog.


Zopim allows you to directly chat with your visitors. Its available in both free and premium packages. If you're running a small business blog then the free package is enough for you. With free package you can chat to only one visitor at a time.
Live Chat Support Widgets for Blogger Blog


MyLiveChat is another great free live chat software for your blog. You can easily integrate it to your Blogger site. It allows you to easily interact with your readers. It also allows Real time traffic monitoring, visitors path, referrers, current page.

Another great feature of MyLiveChat is that you customize it the way you like. You can customize chat button, chat window, pre-chat window, offline message window. You can also change its logo for branding.
Live Chat Support Widgets for Blogger Blog

Pure Chat

PureChat is also a free live chat support software for your Blogger Blog. It has countless features. You can personalize colors, widget image, labels and forms.

You can easily manage chats, widgets, view chat history, profile and users. It also provides a statistics tab. You can also manage user roles and multiple support agents.
Live Chat Support Widgets for Blogger Blog


Olark is a free Live Chat Software. Both free and premium packages are available. Set-up is extremely easy. You can easily customize it by choosing different themes and by using custom CSS.
Its Cobrowsing feature lets you see what’s on the customer’s screen and even control their browser. With its targeted chat option you can easily chat with the right person.
Live Chat Support Widgets for Blogger Blog
We hope this article would help you in choosing the best Live Chat support Widget for your website. Do share your thoughts  in the comments section below.

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Add Pinterest Pin It Official Image Hover Button to Blogger

If you're a blogger, you might have noticed the "Pin It" buttons that appears on mouseover. Pinning an image is now easier due to these buttons. These hover buttons make it easy for your blog visitors to pin your image to their Pinterest boards.When you move your mouse cursor over an image on a blog, a Pinterest logo pops up with a Pin It text prompting you to “Pin” the image to your Pinterest boards. The person who pressed the Pin It button can now see that image on their dashboard and it also link back to your blog. I find pinterest a great way for generating traffic to my blog and i also recommend you to add this button to your blog. Pinterest has its own official "Pin it" hover button which you can add to your blog/website and today in this tutorial we'll show you that How to Add Pinterest Pin It Official Image Hover Button to Blogger.
Add Pinterest Pin It Official Button to Blogger

How to Add Pinterest Pin It Official Image Hover Button to Blogger

First and foremost log in to your Blogger Account >> Select a Blog >> Template and click Edit HTML. Click inside the template code area and use Ctrl+F to search a code and search for the following tag.


Now copy (Ctrl+C) the below script and paste (Ctrl+V) it just above/before the </body> tag

<script type="text/javascript" data-pin-hover="true" src="//"></script>

Hit the Save Template button and you're done.

From Editors Desk

We hope this tutorial may have helped you in learning How to Add Pinterest Pin It Official Image Hover Button to Blogger. Share this post with your friends and don't forget to subscribe us.