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Recently I wrote a review on FormGet, and today I am here again with another review which is on Infographics. Infographics are actually storytelling images. I am also a big fan of infographics. Creating infographics can take a lot of time and great skills. Finding images, its design, choosing colors bla bla bla. Whatever creating an Infographic isn't easy, it requires a lot of time, skills, programs, finding images etc. Review - Create Infographics Easily
But listen, do you think that the people spend hours and hours on creating an Infographic? I don't think so! Then what did they use to create them. I think, is an online tool for creating infographics. Some top marketing channels, businesses and some top blogs are using infographics to attract people and believe me it works.

Infographics ar really a great way for telling you story in just one image and attracting people. So, if you've always wanted to create your own infographic, but you don't have much time and skills for it. Then don't worry, using you can easily create a professional looking infographic in just minutes without paying a cent. So, first of all let's discuss it features:


  • Drag and Drop Method: You can add or remove objects easily by drag and drop method.
  • Quick and Fast: Create you own professional looking infographic in just a few minutes.
  • Easy to Use: No skills are required.
  • Templates/Vhemes: provides a great range of infographic templates, they all look professional and clean.
  • Free of Cost: Yes you don't have to pay a penny for creating an infographic using
  • No Sign up: No Sign up is required for creating an infographic. 

How to Create an Infographic using

First and foremost go to Secondly Scroll down and choose your desired template or you can also create a new template, to create a new template click Start Fresh, you can also browse templates by choosing categories. You can Edit any object or text on the chart by just clicking on it and it will show you the options for that element. Review - Create Infographics Easily
Its time to customize and design your infographic. provides you several useful option for customization. Click Vhemes button to choose a template, click the Object button to add object. To add an object simply drag and drop your object anywhere on your infograph. Review - Create Infographics Easily
You can choose it background by clicking the Background Button. Review - Create Infographics Easily
The next option is Shapes, using which you can add different types of arrows to your graph. Review - Create Infographics Easily
Click the Text button for adding text. The Charts buttton is another awesome option, using the charts button, you can add different charts to your infograph. Review - Create Infographics Easily
You can also upload your own image/object by using the Upload button.
After you've customized/created your infograph click the Download button on the top bar, it'll show you three options for saving your infograph i.e. Low Quality, High Quality and PDF. Review - Create Infographics Easily
If you want to Save your infograph then you've to create an account. Just Create an Account >> Design your Infographic and Save it.
We just have discussed some main features, there are several other options for the customization. So go to, try all those features and amaze your visitors.

Final Words is just a great tool for creating infographics in minutes with zero skills. can help you save your several hours in creating an Infographic. Have you ever used Let us know what you think about these tools in the comments. Share this review with your friends and don't forget to subscribe us!

MakeWebVideo Review - An Ultimate Solution for Creating Animated Videos

If you're a business owner or a blogger, then its obvious that you need something for your blog/business promotion and using a video for promotion is a great way for increasing engagement with users. But an animated video, creating animated and attractive video sometimes is quite expensive, requires a lot of time and Animator skills. Then how can you get a great video for a reasonable price? Don't worry the solution is Using you can easily create great animated videos for your business promotion. It's easy to use and you don't need to be a professional animator to get started with MakeWebVideo. It's super fast, you can get your video within just 30 minutes. Reasonable price, starting from $29 for a full HD video. Here's a short tutorial on How to Create a Video Using MakeWebVideo.

How to Create a Video Using MakeWebVideo

Go to and click Get Started
makewebvideo blogolect - create animated videos
It'll redirect you to the Templates page, Pick a Template >> From the next page click Make Your Video
makewebvideo blogolect - create animated videos
Now and Log in using your Google account or Create a New Account
makewebvideo blogolect - create animated videos
From the Step 2 choose Change Graphics, now you can Edit your Video, the video will be in separate parts, choose each part and edit it, after editing click Go to Menu button.
Now choose Change Music to choose its background music, select your track and again press the Go to Menu button
makewebvideo blogolect - create animated videos
And at last press the Produce Video button, Preview your Video, Looks Great >> Make your Payment and Download your Video.

From Editors Desk

We hope this tutorial may have helped you in learning how to create an animated video for your business/blog promotion. Share this tutorial with your friends, don't forget to subscribe us for more amazing tools and articles and Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

10 AJAX Loading Icon Generators

AJAX Loading icons are used for informing the users that the site is still processing the request or information is still to be loaded on the page. AJAX Loaders are also named as loading icons, loading GIF etc. AJAX loaders are commonly used on AJAX based sites and application for informing the users that the site is still processing your request or the site is fetching some data. The problem is that the AJAX loaders are not easy to create unless you have the skills to do so, but don't worry there are hundreds of tools and websites which generates AJAX loaders with a few click. Today in this post we've collected 10 AJAX Loader tools for you to create your own AJAX loader. To create your own AJAX loader simply
Step 1- Select your loader type
Step 2- Choose your animation speed
Step 3- Choose your color
Step 4- Choose your background
Step 5- Hit the Generate button

CSS Load

Canvas Loader Creator


Loading Icon

Pre Loaders


Loading GIF


Load Info

Web Script Lab

Enjoy :)

10 Background Pattern Generators

We all know that backgrounds play an important role in a blog design. A lot of time goes in designing the backgrounds with different textures, patterns and styles, choosing the right colors and a lot other factors. Creating a professional repetitive patterns can be tough. One of the best things than can accelerate your workflow are online background generators. Whether it is a dotted, striped, or a pattern, these background generators are really useful. Today in this post, we've shared 10 free online background pattern generators that you can use for creating a design for your blog.


Generate Pattern

Try Our New "Count Characters" tool

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As we know that while writing articles on your blog, it's important that your Meta Description must not exceed 150 characters and your Post Title must not exceed 65 characters. If you exceed the limit then your posts titles and meta description will appear to be broken in search engine results. So make sure that your meta description must not exceed 150 characters and your Post Title must not exceed 65 characters.
Today the tool we are going to share will help you to count the characters of your Meta Description and Post Titles.
Write your text or paste it in the box below and hit the Count Characters Button :

Try Our New Tool " HTML Code Encoder "

Sometimes you want to post HTML codes in your Blogger Blog comments. But blogger doesn't allow direct posting of HTML codes. The tool I'm going to share with you today will help you to post HTML/JavaScript codes in blogger comments. This will will change the HTML Characters to simple text.

How it Works

  • > becomes '>'  
  • ' (single quote) becomes '''
  • " (double quote) becomes '"'   
  • < becomes '&lt;'
  • & becomes '&amp;'
  • & becomes '&amp;'

HTML Code Encoder